Sunday CRAAAAZY day!

So today was pretty hectic. I will be posting pictures tomorrow so make sure you keep your eye out!

Be happy. Be healthy. And LOVE YOURSELF!



Le Daily Routine

SO basically this is the plan:

Monday through Friday (as I work those days)

-Wake up at 5 am

-Weigh in

-Drink 32 oz. of water and take TrueBASICS with Lean Extreme, TrueDETOX and Cleanse, TrueLean/A.B.S., TrueTHERMO, TrueGLUCO Controland TrueCRAVING Control

-Oil Pulling and Dry Brushing (at the same time)

-Quick shower

-Applying Coconut Oil as lotion

-Get dressed

-Family prayer (well I guess just Eliut and I)

-Family Bible reading (one chapter daily)

-Breakfast (whilst doing the above two)

-WORK (yay…..)

-During lunch read one chapter of a Business/Motivational book

-During Lunch drink 32 oz. of water and take TrueBASICS with Lean Extreme and TrueDETOX and Cleanse

-2 mile walk with the pupster and church friend/neighbor

-Eating dinner together (basically we are going to avoid TV as much as possible)

-Prep anything needed for the next day and update progress pictures, blog, and measurements

-Oil washing (cleansing face with two oils—sounds contradictory I know)

-Drink 32 oz. of water and take TrueBASICS for Women, TrueDETOX and Cleanse, and (if needed) TrueSLEEP.

-Go to be at 9 (no later than 10 on the days that I work my other job—which won’t be for much longer)

Saturday and Sunday

-Basically just the hours of getting up change. Sunday we go to church and then we would go to be at 9 that night.

OBVIOUSLY this is not an absolutely exact schedule and yes I will be drinking more water than that! But basically those are all the important/key activities in my day. Eliut will also be doing these things.

Good night y’all! See you on the other side!


Be happy. Be healthy. And LOVE YOURSELF!


Detox Eve

Here is the PDF of my shopping list for this week (its for two people-Eliut and I) and then the recipes that we will be enjoying as part of week one.

Been prepping the meals tonight and I’m super excited!

Here’s to the rest of our lives….

Week One Detox Meals

Week One Detox Shopping List


Be happy. Be healthy. And LOVE YOURSELF!


Well, hello there.

Hello, all. My name is Shirece Soto-Gonzalez, owner at 7 Days Health powered by Truestar Health. This blog is predominantly about my progress from 235 pounds to my goal of 130 pounds (which possibly could change. I’ve never seen myself at that weight so who knows!). I will be posting videos, photos, and links to what I’m doing at any particular time during this transformation process. I hope this can be an inspiration for you to begin on your transformation journey and start living in your best body ever! I plan on being excruciatingly honest as to show people what it really takes to lose weight and get in shape.

Some of my life beliefs are:

-Every BODY is beautiful, but not every BODY is healthy.

-You have to love yourself first, or else nothing is going to stick and you will NEVER be satisfied, at your perfect body OR your worst body.

-God loves you and will always be there for you. In order for you to see that, all you have to do is let him in.

-Everyone has their own internal and external battles. No body has it “harder” than you and you don’t have it “harder” than anyone else. We all live the game called life which comes at everyone with different experiences and feelings. So quit judging and hating others AND especially YOURSELF.

-You catch more flies with honey (the free range kind of course!) than with vinegar. BE NICE!

-I don’t trust the general populous of Medical Doctors. I see the need for them if undergoing surgery or, in some cases, you have some serious disease, but for general health I believe that most utilize the “pill for every ill” mantra. I will always lean more towards Naturopathic Doctors or doctors who have adopted a more homeopathic approach.

-Live and let live. It doesn’t matter to me if you are black, white, green, blue, or yellow. If you respect me, I will respect you. If what you’re doing doesn’t effect me, go on with your bad self.

-Everything (and yes I mean EVERYTHING) can be prevented or cured with raw, living food and supplements in a chemical/pesticide/processed free environment.

-Life is meant to be enjoyed. Make a game out of it and HAVE FUN!

-You should strive to be the person your dog (ok, or cat) thinks you are.

-Hugs and lots of them!

-Love is the greatest of live’s blessings. Love as much and as deeply as possible AT ALL TIMES.

-Nature, animals, and human beings are all here to bless our lives. Treat them with respect.

-You should read and learn as though you’ll never know enough, dance as if no one was watching, sing as if no one can hear you, laugh as though you’ve never been sad, love as if you’ve never been or never will be hurt, think as if your own resource, and live as if you’ll die tomorrow.

Feel free to email me at any time and ask questions.


Be happy. Be healthy. And LOVE YOURSELF!