Hello? Hello? Are you there?

Hey everyone! I know it has been about a month and half since my last post (SORRY!)-my computer broke at home…boooo- but here’s a brief update!

-Less than 20 days on my 90 day challenge

-Lost, now, 22 pounds (weighing in at 213 this morning)

-Started working out with Personal Trainer/Business Partner/Friend Steve on 9/21/13

-Started to go to Independence Gym (http://www.independencegym.com/) which is tailored for people who want to do physique/bodybuilding competitions (we officially joined yesterday)

-Already seeing amazing results in my muscles because Steve is the BOMB!

-Lost some more inches, but the one I’m most happy about was when I measured my thighs last week and I’d lost 1 whole inch! My thighs usually lose SOOOOOO slow but they are moving quick now!

-My basically brand new sneakers that were slightly tight when I got them in the first place (so I hardly ever wore them), I can now wear for real! I seriously never thought my feet would/could get fat, but boy was I wrong!

-My abs are coming in nicely and I honestly don’t have to suck in…EVER!

Dyed my hair a darker brown. It was wayyyy long over due. I hadn’t dyed it since March and my hair was still pretty thin at that time.

-My hair is so freaking thick now that it takes about an hour to straighten it! And its like a bazillion degrees on my neck if I leave it down! Never thought I would have to deal with that again!


Sooooooo there you go! I am going to start tracking on Sunday (measurements, pictures, weight, etc.) again and will post here.

As always,

Be happy. Be healthy. And LOVE YOURSELF!