Just because you’re_______, doesn’t mean you’re healthy.

A little tidbit of advice/knowledge that I have been thinking about since a conversation I had with a team mate of mine at a meeting last week.

You can lose weight and not be healthy. You can gain weight and not be healthy. You can be a bodybuilder and not be healthy. And you can be skinny and not be healthy.

Just because you’ve lost weight or gained weight or become super fit or super skinny DOESN’T NECESSARILY mean that you are HEALTHY. Health comes from inside. Being HEALTHY is when you are getting the BEST nutrients in your food, the BEST supplements for what you cannot get in your food, and taking the BEST care of your body, i.e. exercising, sleeping, eating, and maintaining a healthy attitude. HEALTHY is when you go and get blood drawn and all your vitals tested and everything is in exceptional shape.

I have seen people take all sorts of vitamins and do all sorts of weight loss programs and muscle building programs and almost all of them WORK (as in if you actually do it you WILL lose weight or gain muscles or whatever) but that still doesn’t mean that you will avoid disease; like heart attacks and strokes all the way down to allergies and the common cold/flu.

I’ve experienced weight loss in a multitude of ways and they all worked in weight loss. No carb (not even the good ones) high fat. Low carb/high fat. High carb (the good ones)/low fat. Low fat/ low carb. Not eating/fasting. Binge and barf (not me personally but hey it works…at the weight loss part). HCG. Atkins. South Beach. Jenny Craig. Nutrisystem. And some popular network marketing company programs.


I ended up coming down with hypothyroidism (even at my lowest weight EVERY time as a teenager), high risk for osteoporosis, pre diabetes (almost), anemia, low-no kidney function, low-no adrenal gland function, no parathyroid function, minor arthiritis/carpal tunnel, extreme hair loss, extreme cradle cap/dandruff, low-no pineal gland function, low-no pituitary function.

So I was skinny/fit but NOT healthy. And that skinny/fit only lasted for a little while, partly because my emotions where WAY out of wack (since I was a recovering yo-yo and fad dieter) and I just couldn’t get myself to work at it and MOSTLY because my hormone supply was depleted ENTIRELY and hormone function was as low as it can get without being at zero, AND my metabolism was shot after YEARS of abusing my body that way.

Finally now I have a real handle on what it means to REALLY be HEALTHY. Unfortunately in our society today we don’t have the fresh, naturally grown, uncontaminated, unadulterated food and nutrient items that once were abundant. Now we get sub par food, sub par vitamins, sub par nutrients, sub par health claims that we all at one time or another fall victim to. Its easy to be confused and dissuaded since there are so many conflicting arguments about what is and what is not healthy.

Doctors will say oh soy is good for you. Then a month or year later they will say its not. Doctors will tell you to take prescription medication but then you end up having chronic diarrhea or (if while taking a ANTI-depressant) you become suicidal.

Health is a simple concept that is hard to follow, especially now, and even more especially in the good ol’ U.S.A. If it is altered in any way (chemically, genetically, etc.) it is NOT good for you. Again, you may see a difference in your weight if you eat a non-organic food item or even a heavily processed boxed/packaged food item but that doesn’t mean its good for you.

I encourage you to look at your HEALTH rather than at the scale or in the mirror at your attractiveness. Look at your skin, your eyes, your hair, your scalp, your tongue, your (yes I know its weird) urine/stool, your bathroom schedule (i.e. do you go regularly and at the same time each day), your nails, your heels, your teeth. Feel your muscles and body parts, move your body around to see what aches, go get some blood work, get a food allergy test (which I can almost 100% guarantee you will be allergic/intolerant to milk, gluten/wheat, and soy…big surprise), go get all your vitals taken, STUDY EVERYTHING (yes even the bad or anti articles) about what supplements you’re taking and what food you’re eating, and try some new things even if you are totally sold out to one thing–it may not be the BEST like you think it is.

When your HEALTH changes you WILL notice. Your skin will be clear and soft, your hair will be luscious and thick with no greasyness or dandruff, your nails will grow like weeds and be strong as bone, you will stink (as in B.O.) less, you will be able to focus better (yes even those with A.D.D. like me and A.D.H.D. and even Autism), you will sleep better (even with a history with minor to severe insomnia–like me), you will noticeably, in a HUGE way, FEEL better.

I am lucky to be blessed with a research ability and I am always curious about what things I can take back to basics. I have also been blessed to find a supplement, or rather supplements/supplement company, that really does make those above things happen. No other thing that I have tried (and believe me I’ve tried just about everything…out of curiosity and desperation for something that would work) has been able to not only make me feel better and see HUGE differences in my body , but has essentially REVERSED and HEALED (no this is not a real claim so don’t get all FDA on me) my ailments that so gravely affected my life.

A year ago is when I found out that my body was at its low point. Everything had just been building up to that point. Of course i tried thing after thing and even did herbalism and the natural thing. Those worked better, of course, but what I learned is that no matter how clean you’re eating and how natural you go your body still needs supplements to fill the gaps. They all work together.

Now, in the last 3 months since I began consistently taking these supplements, starting VERY basic at first (I took one pack of the TrueBASICS for Women before bed every night for the first 1.5 months. I added one packet of TrueBASICS with Lean Extreme the last half of the 2nd month and then when I began my meal plan I added a few other products) I have seen DRAMATIC changes in my skin, body, hair, nails, urine/stool, energy, etc. etc.

I know it all seems curious when I am someone that, yes, does sell this product. You may be thinking that I am just trying to make money and false advertising just to sell it. Yes, I’m making money (the grocery store where you buy Centrum makes money and weight loss companies make money and MOST of them are, well, crap), and yes I am selling a product, an yes I take this product.


I take it and I can’t tell you how great I feel.

If you were having such an amazing result with something you were taking/doing and you knew you were never stop taking/doing that something and there was a way for you to sell it and make money, wouldn’t you jump on that boat and sell it? Obviously I would and I did.

I know what these supplements have done not only for me but for my husband, my dad, my mom, my family and I want to share it with people who ARE interested in WHOLE BODY HEALTH. If you are looking to avoid disease, be healthy, be fit, feel better, age better, get rid of some ailments you’ve got, then I invite you to just TRY this one. Hey, if you don’t like it for whatever reason then I wish you luck on your health journey of finding what your miracle. I would be lying and be a sneaky person if I said that I’m all about real health and then got mad at you for going out to seek it.

Not all things works for all people. I know what I’ve done and tried and I know that I’ve found one that works better than all the others. This one I’m going to stick with, that is as long as something drastic/ridiculous but not totally impossible doesn’t come in and change it (like someone changing EVERYTHING about the product so its no longer effective). I don’t imagine that happening, well at least not in my lifetime.

So I invite you to join me on this road to true whole body health. Try some of this product. Do some research. Ask plenty of questions and see for yourself what happens to you.

I am always open to offer advice or answer questions to the best of my ability and as always,

Be happy. Be healthy. And LOVE YOURSELF!



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