Le Daily Routine

SO basically this is the plan:

Monday through Friday (as I work those days)

-Wake up at 5 am

-Weigh in

-Drink 32 oz. of water and take TrueBASICS with Lean Extreme, TrueDETOX and Cleanse, TrueLean/A.B.S., TrueTHERMO, TrueGLUCO Controland TrueCRAVING Control

-Oil Pulling and Dry Brushing (at the same time)

-Quick shower

-Applying Coconut Oil as lotion

-Get dressed

-Family prayer (well I guess just Eliut and I)

-Family Bible reading (one chapter daily)

-Breakfast (whilst doing the above two)

-WORK (yay…..)

-During lunch read one chapter of a Business/Motivational book

-During Lunch drink 32 oz. of water and take TrueBASICS with Lean Extreme and TrueDETOX and Cleanse

-2 mile walk with the pupster and church friend/neighbor

-Eating dinner together (basically we are going to avoid TV as much as possible)

-Prep anything needed for the next day and update progress pictures, blog, and measurements

-Oil washing (cleansing face with two oils—sounds contradictory I know)

-Drink 32 oz. of water and take TrueBASICS for Women, TrueDETOX and Cleanse, and (if needed) TrueSLEEP.

-Go to be at 9 (no later than 10 on the days that I work my other job—which won’t be for much longer)

Saturday and Sunday

-Basically just the hours of getting up change. Sunday we go to church and then we would go to be at 9 that night.

OBVIOUSLY this is not an absolutely exact schedule and yes I will be drinking more water than that! But basically those are all the important/key activities in my day. Eliut will also be doing these things.

Good night y’all! See you on the other side!


Be happy. Be healthy. And LOVE YOURSELF!



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